Music Contest Results Band Music

The Elm Creek music department had a great day at FKC music contest today. Every vocal music student who performed received a superior, which is the highest rating.

They were: solos—Chloe Harms , Brie Purdy, Joli Purdy, Rylee Gutzwiller , Denise Hunt , Brooklyn Strohmyer, Luke Warner, and—Luke and Rylee duet.

FKC Band Results:
Band came back with both superiors (the highest) and excellents (the second highest). Our superiors were: soloists Chloe Harms and Gabe Trampe. Our excellents were soloists John Goad, Bri Purdy, Raygan Wright, Ayva Sullivan, and duet group Abbi Lange and Ava Brodine. Congratulations to all our music students for their hard work!