Elm Creek Schools ESSER III Use of Funds Plan

According to the requirements for the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency (ESSER) III fund included in the ARP Act of 2021, public schools across the nation have been provided funds to help in actions to recover from the academic, physical and social impacts of the pandemic. The funds are distributed according to a formula that includes the size and needs of districts. There are requirements and limitations as to what the funds can be used for, and one of the requirements focuses on transparency through the solicitation of public comment from students, families, and other patrons of the school district on the proposed use of the resources. Elm Creek Public Schools has developed a proposal for the use of our designated funds.. The ECPS plan is shown below.

Provide a wheelchair lift for students to access the weight room - $50,000

Provide additional summer school and afterschool supports, - $50,000

clubs, and interventions.

Provide HVAC in our gym and weight room to improve air quality. - $152,909

Total - $252,909