Elm Creek Public Schools is attempting to gather data and use it to ensure all students are achieving at high levels. Recently during our development of the MTSS model we set a goal to have 80% of our students reaching benchmarks in the assessments they are taking. We give a variety of assessments including NWEA MAP, STAR Reading, AIMSweb, and the NeSA. Previously the district used DIBELS, and TERRA-NOVA. When looking at our information we found that we have not been hitting the 80th percentile as desired in reading assessments. All of our students need to be proficient readers in order to be successful in school and in life. Due to the data that is available below, you will be able to see why improving reading comprehension is our focus. Math and Science data is also provided.

In an effort to gather perceptual data, a survey was sent to parents, students, and staff. After looking at this information we also saw a need to focus on reading as a school. There were other areas of concern that varied from the different populations, but improving reading was fairly consistent from all of the stake holders. We have determined that we need to find a more proficient way to gather perceptual data than what we currently have and are looking to improve upon receiving feedback from our constituents.

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